About Us

Genoa Tank Srl was born with the aim to provide services for logistic operators and the bulk industry,supporting all the activities related to
road tankers and tank-containers, bulk and special products.

The facility is located on a 7500sqm area in Ronco Scrivia, Località Isolabuona.

Today the terminal offers a storage service area, repairs and periodical tests for tank containers, cleaning and heating services.

We offer a latest generation cleaning station, completely automated and equipped with own water purifier, it operates on two different cleaning lanes one of which dedicated to food and non-hazardous products, and one for chemical and hazardous goods.


  • Plant for maintenance and certification of tank containers
  • Internal cleaning plant for tankers with two separated lanes for foodstuffs and chemicals
  • Heating station, steady and controlled temperature for liquid bulk materials
  • Purification plant for wastewater
  • Collection tanks for other kinds of liquid waste


  • Tank-containers depot and storage
  • Maintenance and certification of tank-containers
  • Steam and electric heating
  • Road tankers cleaning
  • Tank-containers cleaning
  • Diver Services: bathroom, shower and snack bar, relax room


    Località Isola Buona 201
    16019 - Ronco Scrivia (GE)
    +39 340 89 86 053
    +39 393 60 36 142

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